Brief information about the Emergency Appeal Czech Republic project

Caritas Czech Republic has been implementing the Emergency Appeal 12/2022 CZECH REPUBLIC Humanitarian Aid and integration support for refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic since May 1st, 2022, to help Ukrainian refugees. Funding amounting to almost 34,000,000 Czech crowns was provided by donors from the Caritas Internationalis network, a confederation of Catholic humanitarian organisations that brings 162 member organisations together, mostly national charities.

Project funding

Financial assistance from Caritas Internationalis is intended to support the activities of Caritas in countries with the largest numbers of refugees and which are facing a lack of material support necessary to meet the basic needs of people fleeing from war. The CI funds also allow for an increase in staff capacity so that the main objective of Caritas can be maintained and therefore health and social care provided to needy citizens in their home country.

Funds for the Caritas Czech Republic project were provided by Caritas Japan, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, South Korea, and Canada; Caritas Czech Republic contributed 2,500,000 CZK.
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Project objective

The project objective is to meet the basic life needs of a group of refugees who are particularly vulnerable due to their life situation, mothers with children, unaccompanied children, seniors, people with specific needs caused by physical or mental disability and people coming from war zones without basic equipment and personal ties in the Czech Republic.

Another project objective, which proves to be crucial for the next phase of Ukrainians stay in the Czech Republic, is to help with integration into Czech society, assistance in finding housing, schools and kindergartens for children, support in dealing with authorities, employers, etc.

What kind of help do we offer?

Material assistance and support during integration is provided through a network of archdiocesan and diocesan charities which distribute the assistance to the involved regional, municipal and parish charities.

Refugees can apply for food aid, basic hygiene supplies for children and adults, which they receive in the form of a prepared package or a voucher for food and drugstore goods. If they set-up a new household, they can ask for household appliances, furniture or necessary electrical appliances. Using the project funds, Caritas prepare packages for children containing school aids and school equipment; children can borrow a tablet or laptop from some Caritas organisations to participate in online lessons taking place at the Ukrainian schools.

A separate part of the assistance, which is used by the vast majority of refugees, especially those without personal ties in the Czech Republic, is assistance with integration into Czech society, including interpretation and translation services. More than 2,300 Ukrainians were supported from project funds in this area in the first four months, many of them repeatedly. The Caritas integration workers, who in many cases have increased the numbers in the current diocesan working teams, often speak both languages and are a great help to the war refugees in orienting themselves in the new environment.